Artificial Intelligence

at Livv Health

We build the future of health experiences

Our AI principles

Secure and Private

Our AI handles patient data in isolation avoiding any data leakage or model. We use clear communication and consent to ensure patient is in control. We use state-of-the-art security to protect the data.

Defers to doctor

The doctor is responsible for the clinical quality. The AI does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, treatment or prognosis. The responsibility for clinical decisions rests with the doctor, not the AI.


Our goal is to enable the patient and the doctor to have a good conversation without a keyboard in the way, removing clutter and administrative work for doctors. This approach fosters a more personal healthcare experience.

Research areas

Organize your timeline

Turn a bunch of files into structured data.

Navigate the health timeline

Find and extract relevant facts about the patients history

Enabling connection

Take attention away from screens and keyboards, and allow people to connect. Create summaries, transcribe and providing context sensitive help


Doctors and patients fill in many forms. Livv aims to automate this.


Our team has experience building and doing AI resarch at globally recognized institutions.


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Book recommendation

Book recommendation

"AI saves lives"

"AI saves lives"

By Ishita Barua
Chief Medical Officer at Livv

By Ishita Barua
Chief Medical Officer at Livv

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