About us

The concept of consolidating individuals' medical records in a singular location is among the oldest propositions in the medical industry. This approach has been tested on multiple occasions. In Norway, several initiatives were aimed at establishing health infrastructures or the "one resident, one document" concept. Despite the steep budgets allocated, numerous projects failed to meet expectations. We, at Livv Health, hypothesize that the primary cause of this is the inadequate empowerment of each citizen to manage their personal data, with the control of health information and its potential uses still being unnecessarily centralized.

As 2022 unfolded, it became evident that a shift in perspective was on the horizon. Several verdicts issued in Europe pertaining to GDPR shed light on the legal right of patients to possess their data in a machine-compatible format. The launch of ChatGPT demonstrated the significant role of AI in deciphering medical histories. The healthcare crisis put the spotlight on the existing system’s deficiencies in meeting its obligations.

There is a growing need for individuals to assume more control over their health, and for emerging technologies to boost efficiency. Livv Health came into being in spring 2023, with the mission of empowering patients through data ownership. Going forward, we anticipate an improvement in the protection of patients' rights through upcoming legislations such as the Data Governance Act (DGA) and Europe Health Data Space (EHDS).


Sverre Sundsdal

CEO and Founder

20 years experience building products with cutting edge technology, scaling and leading global teams. Former Head of AI Engineering at Babylon Health, ex-Google.

Ishita Barua


Medical Doctor with a PhD in AI in Medicine. Fulbright Alumna at Harvard Medical School. Former Lead AI in Healthcare at Deloitte. Author in the field of AI.

Axel Haugan


Seasoned digital product leader with 20 + years of diverse achievement, driving digital product development and building cross-functional teams.

Aksel Lenes

Software Engineer

Bioinformatician and software developer interested in how we can use quantitative methods to improve people's health. Experience from Norwegian startups and scaleups.

Szymon Nowacki

Software Engineer

Senior developer with experience working with a large range of companies from European/ Scandinavian start-ups to US based Microsoft and Facebook.

Chris Samiullah

Staff Software Engineer

Tech Lead on Babylon's flagship "Healthcheck" disease risk prediction product. Growing the app from prototype to >1 million users in more than a dozen countries.

João Araújo

Product Designer

Designer with a background in Economics and experience designing in healthtech. Former Babylon Health, Second Nature.